2010 Services


December 5 “Miraculous Sufficiency

Due to Craig‘s injury, he will not be able to attend this service.  However, his
words will be with us as his sermon is read today.
Someone once asked a rabbi, ―Rabbi, please tell me:  why do rabbis always
seem to answer a question with a question?‖  To which the rabbi replied, ―And
why should a rabbi not answer a question with a question?‖  Hanukkah is a
holiday that raises several important ones, and offers us plenty of light to
examine them by.
Speaker:  Rev. Craig Moro/Mike Truex
Worship Associate:  Alex Emig
Musician: Fran Handy and Edna Mae Karlinsey

December 12 “Extreme Faith: Folk Practices of Buddhists in Tibet”

Tibetans are often described as the most religious people in the world,
practicing a brand of Buddhism unlike any other.  Their faith inspires them to
make enormous personal and economic sacrifices and to undertake journeys of
involving extreme hardship.  To some observers, Tibetans' folk practices are
deeply inspiring; to others, it is dangerous superstition and destructive to
society.  Whichever side you choose -- or if you choose both -- Tibet's
religious customs are fascinating and unforgettable.
Speaker:  Pam Logan
Worship Associate:  Meryl Birn
Musician:  Mike & Shannon Truex

December 19 “Christmas Pageant”

Come enjoy a UU-created Christmas pageant.
Speaker:  CUUC Members & Friends
Worship Associate:  Mike Truex
Musician:  CUUC Choir

December 24~ 4:00p.m. “Christmas Eve Service”

Please join us for a Christmas Eve service of carols and Christmas readings. 
Bring a few cookies to share for after the service.
Speaker:  CUUC Members & Friends
Worship Associate:  Meryl Birn
Musician:  Ellen Fillion


December 26 “The Cathedral of the World” by Forrest Church

Church presents a twenty-first-century theology, based on the concept of one
light and many windows. The Rev. Dr. F. Forrest Church (1948-2009) served
the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City as senior minister from
1978 to 2007 and as minister of public theology from 2007 until his death in
2009. Church was one the most influential UU theologians of our time.
Speaker:  Diane Reed
Worship Associate:  Diane Reed
Musician:  Ellen Fillion


November 7 - "Out of the Floody, Floody” [Listen Now!]

Speaker:  Rev. Craig Moro
We read in the Book of Genesis that all of a sudden God got mad at his
whole creation—not only people, but plants and animals, too!  What was
going on?  Did God need a ―time out‖, or just some time with a friend? 
Come spend some time on the Ark with us this morning, while we also
welcome the new boat/play space to our religious education program.
Worship Associate:  Diane Reed
Musician: Mike & Shannon Truex

November 14 - "Part of Our Tribe? Unitarian Universalists and the Military"

Speaker:  Raz Mason*
Through our long tradition of social justice, Unitarian-Universalists have
a dignified history of embracing diversity. And we also have a long
history of working for peace. How can and ought we reconcile those two
values in relating to people serving in the US military? This sermon will
highlight possible congregational responses to veterans, service members,
and their families – in keeping with key Unitarian-Universalist principles.
Worship Associate:  Mike Truex
Musician:  Fran Handy
* Raz Mason is a UU ministerial candidate and earned a master of divinity
degree from Harvard Divinity School in 2009.  She worked the past year
as a chaplain resident at the VA hospital in Portland while completing a
congregational internship at Olympia UU Congregation. She is a chaplain
candidate in the US Navy and will speak from her personal experience of
coming to military ministry.

November 21 -  "Why I Don't Do Christmas" 

Speaker:  Alex Emig
Find out the four reasons why I won't be celebrating Christmas.  Are you
wondering why I'm talking about this in November?  Come and find out.
Worship Associate:  Alex Emig
Musician:  CUUC Choir

November 28 - "Guest at Your Table"

Speaker:  Meryl Birn
Join us for Stories of Hope, as we start our yearly Guest At Your Table
campaign.  You will hear about how your donations to the Unitarian
Universalist Service Committee make a different in people lives -  Right
Here and Right Now. 
Worship Associate:  Meryl Birn
Musician:  Ellen Fillion


October 3- ““Spit” On the Hook” [Listen Now!]

Speaker:  Rev. Craig Moro
Thai Buddhist teacher Buddhadasa Bhikku asks us to, “Imagine, if you can, that
you are the sole owner of the world, of the universe, of the entire cosmos. Now
that you're the owner of everything, does hunger stop? …If you were to get
everything that you could possibly desire, to the point that you owned the whole
world, would your hunger cease? Or would you hunger for a second universe?
Would you want a third?

Join me this morning as we contemplate the human phenomenon of craving, and
how we might manage it more skillfully. (This is the first of two “fish stories”
that I‟ll be telling this month.
Worship Associate:  Meryl Birn
Musician: Fran Handy

October 10- “Association Sunday”

Speaker:  Mike Truex
Our congregation is linked to other congregations through the 
Unitarian Universalist Association to help us put our UU Principles and Purposes 
into action at a larger scale than we can as single congregations.  .
Worship Associate:  Mike Truex
Musician:  Mike & Shannon Truex

October 17- “Big Fish, Small Pond” [Listen Now!]

Speaker:  Rev. Craig Moro
Near the end of his life and the story of Moby Dick, Captain Ahab laments: “My
topmost greatness lies in my topmost grief.”  Why do so many of us chase our
own “white whales”?  (This is my second “fish story” for this month, though I
make no promises that there won‟t be more in the future!)
Worship Associate: Diane Reed
Musician:  Tracy Spring & The CUUC Choir

October 24- “Stories, Samaritans and Synapses”

Speaker:  Dennis Reynolds
Traditional tales told by our early mentors and lessons learned in 
childhood have a profound impact on who we are, what we believe, and 
what we do. The parable of the Good Samaritan as reported in the 
Christian gospel of Luke is a tale that inspires actions and even legislation 
to protect those who assist a stranger.  How do teachings and practices 
shape an individual‟s ethos of engagement and how can a community 
foster and sustain a culture of caring?
Worship Associate:  Meryl Birn
Musician:  Ellen Fillion

October 31- “Increase”

Speaker:  Rev. Craig Moro
Trick, or treat?  More candy, more money, more pleasure; more, more, more! 
Increase--that‟s what we‟re urged to seek by so many messages that bombard us
each day.  It‟s rarely the teaching of any major world religion.  This
Halloween—while we‟re still surrounded with skulls and bones and
bats—let‟s pay a respectful visit to the local cemetery for a reminder of
what matters more than getting more.
Worship Associate:  Alex Emig
Musician:  Ellen Fillion

September 5- “No Straw, More Bricks” [Listen Now!

Speaker:  Rev. Craig Moro
Let’s travel to ancient Egypt and modern-day California for a Labor Day
sermon on work and meaning.  Sometimes we can whistle while we
work, while at other times whistling won’t work for us at all!
Worship Associate:  Alex Emig
Musician: Joe Jencks~ Joe is a professional folk musician and fellow UU. 
We’re pleased that Joe’s travel schedule gives us the opportunity to have
him share his music with us today.     

September 12- “No Man is an Island’-If He Builds Bridges”


Speaker:  Homer Wilkins
John Donne’s “No man is an island, entire of itself” stands in stark
contrast to Kahlil Gibran’s “Your life is an island separated from all other
islands and regions”. The two opposing statements can be reconciled by
the concept (and actuality) of bridging. In this service we explore two
(related) kinds of bridges: a) one’s ties with other people, and b) the
connections between the different phases of one’s own life. In my own
experience, these two kinds of bridges are closely related. The ability to
build and maintain such bridges is an important aspect of being human.
The discussion will be illustrated by stories from personal experience as
well as from the lives of others.
Worship Associate:  Mike Truex
Musician:  Ellen Fillion

September 19- “Do the Numbers” [Listen Now!]


Speaker:  Rev. Craig Moro
Patriot Day happened last Saturday.  It's a secular holiday, not a sacred
one, but has religious overtones like those we find in Thanksgiving and
Memorial Day. With Patriot Day, those overtones are even stronger. 
What else do we hear, if we listen carefully?
Worship Associate: Meryl Birn
Musician:  CUUC Choir

September 26- “Go Green”


Speaker:  CUUC Members
CUUC has been actively initiating a green approach to what we do. 
These activities are part of the Green Sanctuary program of the UUA. 
Today we’ll explore what’s behind this effort.
Worship Associate:  Diane Reed
Musician:  Mike & Shannon Truex

August 1- “Build Your Own” 

This past year, several CUUC members and friends met on Saturdays to discuss
aspects of faith, community, and belief.  Today some of these "Build Your Own
Theology" participants will share with us what they believe.
Worship Associate:  Meryl Birn
Speaker: Build Your Own Theology Group                                 Musician:

August 8- “A Weave of Words: A Poetry Sharing Service”

We will begin this morning with some readings about poetry & then move to
poems read aloud by our members & friends.  Please bring a poem to share.  If
you'd like to take a moment to tell why these words mean something to you
please do.
Worship Associate:  Teri Robertson
Speaker: CUUC Members & Friends                        Musician: Ellen Fillion

August 15- “The Power of Story”  

From childhood, we've heard stories, and we've told stories.  In this sermon we'll
learn how the telling of our stories affect our own understandings of our history. 
Marcia Stanard is a candidate for the Unitarian Universalist ministry.  She's
candidating August 22nd to be the quarter time consulting minister at Wy'east
UU Congregation in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her children.  
Worship Associate: Diane Reed
Speaker: Marcia Stanard                                                              Musician: 

August 22- “Why Poetry Matters”  

As the world around us becomes less stable, the popularity of poetry seems to be
growing.  Why is this happening?  Today's speaker, a longtime teacher and
education leader in several states, and retired Director of science education for
Battelle, tells why she now devotes herself to poetry.
Worship Associate:  Mike Truex
Speaker: Dr. Irene D. Hays                Musicians:   Mike & Shannon Truex

August 29-“Mingling of Waters”  

The Mingling of Waters is CUUC’s traditional ritual of gathering at the end of
summer to mark the beginning of a new church year.  Everyone is invited to
bring water that was collected from summer journeys and experiences (symbolic
water welcome) and combine it the water from others.  We’ll have a chance to
share the essence of our stories from this summer, the part that has meaning to
us, and reaffirm our bonds of community.
Worship Associate: Mike Truex
Speaker:  CUUC Members & Friends Musicians:  Mike & Shannon Truex

July 4- “Existentialism for a Symbolic World”

Still grappling with some concepts on existentialism described in a book by
Sartre, I found that another book by Ernst Cassirer provided a new angle to
Worship Associate:  Mike Truex
Speaker: Mike Truex                           Musicians: Mike & Shannon Truex


July 11- “Eating Locally”

The more we look at issues of social justice, the more it is obvious that all are
interrelated.  In recent years our eyes have been opened to seeing how decisions
about what we eat critically impact our own health (both physical and spiritual),
as well as  the "interconnected web of all existence" (UU Seventh Principle).
Information on Bill Graves: Bill Graves grew up working on farms around Walla
Walla and still has family there.  After a 34-year interlude as a practicing
attorney he is now a candidate for the UU ministry.  He recently completed two
years serving as Intern Minister at the UU congregation in Mount Vernon and
received his Master of Divinity degree from Seattle University in June of this
Worship Associate:  Diane Reed
Speaker: Bill Graves                                                 Musician: Ellen Fillion


 July 18- “11 Million Undocumented Aliens”

Tom Roach is a highly respected Pasco lawyer who specializes in immigration
issues.  He will discuss why there are 11 million people here in undocumented
status, the 5 most common myths about illegal aliens, and how the immigration
law should be changed in light of the present situation. Bring your questions.
Worship Associate: Meryl Birn
Speaker: Tom Roach                                                 Musician: Fran Handy


July 25- “Who Do You Think You Are”

A recent television series by this name followed a half-dozen celebrities as they
found their "roots."  A far more difficult search for Diane led to the discovery of
her birth family. In each case there were twists, turns, and surprises that brought
each of them to a far different place than where they began. If you delved into
your family history what would you discover about yourself?
Worship Associate:  Diane Reed
Speaker: Diane Reed                                              Musician:   Ellen Fillion

June 6- “Grasshoppers and Other Little Things” [Listen Now!]

If you knew an exercise that could help you live forever if you practiced it every
day, would you do it faithfully and never miss?  Today I’ll share some insights
from a 110 year-old woman about how she managed to live so long.
Worship Associate:  Diane Reed
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                                Musician: Ellen Fillion

June 13- "Red, Blue and Neutral - Liberal Church and Conservative Politics"

UU congregations sometimes assume the role of "liberal oasis" in a conservative
landscape, but there's a difference between liberal religion and liberal politics. As
our nation's political climate becomes more and more polarized, how can
Unitarian Universalism declare a truce and provide a neutral oasis in a
battleground of red and blue? Janine Larsen, UUA District Executive in the
Pacific Northwest, will prod us to rethink our "rights" and what's "left."
Worship Associate: Alex Emig
Speaker: Janine Larson                                   Musician: Shannon Hays-Truex

June 20- "Cut It Off and Throw It Away!"

A story of things lost and things found; fathers, sons, and baseball gloves.  (This
sermon was originally scheduled for delivery two winters ago, when an ice storm
prevented me from delivering it.  Since then it has grown into a father’s day
Worship Associate: Mike Truex
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro               Musician: Ellen Fillion & The CUUC Choir

June 27-"War vs. Peace: When Will the Battle End?"

The heroic view of war is contradicted by the reality of death and destruction.
The trauma of returning troops is evidence of the dehumanizing activity we make
them do. Peace will not replace war through governments but through peaceful,
empowered individuals.
Worship Associate:  Meryl Birn 
Speaker:   Jim Stoffels                                                    Musician:   Fran Handy

May 2- “Gilgamesh: An Old Story With New Pauses” [Listen to Reading or Sermon]

The Epic of Gilgamesh was written on clay tablets at least 1500 years
before the Iliad and the Odyssey were composed.  It’s one of the oldest
stories in the world, yet its insights into human mortality and human
nature remain fresh enough to enjoy on this spring morning!

Worship Associate:  Alex Emig
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                               Musician: Ellen Fillion

May 9- "Measure of a Prophet, or Why Was Jesus So Offensive?"

The sermon will focus on the identity of the historical Jesus and look at
the tradition in Sayings Gospel Q that attributes his crucifixion to the fact
that he was a prophet. Why are prophets so offensive, then and now? Can
mere words get one killed? The context for the sermon is the work of the
Jesus Seminar and its attempt to recover the historical figure of Jesus
behind the Gospels.

Worship Associate: Mike Truex
Speaker: Dr. Lane McGaughy                                         Musician: Fran Handy

May 16 – “Live Forever, Die Tomorrow” [Listen Now]

Upon the death of a beloved son, The Prophet Mohammad told his followers to
live as if you will live forever, and prepare as if you will die tomorrow. 

Worship Associate: Meryl Birn 
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                              Musician: CUUC Choir

May 23-"Prison Dharma"

Chris Murray will describe the work of a group of Buddhist volunteers
from the Tri-Cities who lead a meditation group at Coyote Ridge
Correctional Center.  Chris will share the lessons he has learned as they
introduce the inmates to meditation and Dharma practice as a way to live
with mindfulness and compassion, both in prison and into their lives
beyond bars.

Worship Associate:  Meryl Birn
Speaker:   CUUC Members                                           Musician:   Ellen Fillion     

May 30- “Not the Best Kind of Water” [Listen Now!]

That’s how President William Howard Taft referred to military action on
the eve of U.S. entry into World War One. On this year’s Memorial Day
weekend, let’s pause to consider Unitarian and Universalist responses to
(and involvement in) our nation’s many wars.

Worship Associate:  Diane Reed
Speaker:   Rev. Craig Moro                         Musician:   Mike & Shannon Truex


April 4- “Below the Valley” [Listen Now!]


A haunting folk song tells an Easter story with a
Universalist message.  Mike and Shannon will perform the song
and I’ll unpack some of its meaning.
Worship Associate:  Mike Truex
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                               Musician: Ellen Fillion

April 11- “Principle of "No Blame‟

An exploration of what it would mean to live by a principle of ―no
blame.  Bruce A. Bode, a native of Lynden, Washington, is
serving in his sixth year as the minister of the Quimper Unitarian
Universalist Fellowship in Port Townsend.
Worship Associate: Diane Reed
Speaker: Bruce Bode                                    Musician: Mike & Shannon Truex

April 18 – “Where Was The Man When He Jumped Off The Bridge?” [Listen Now]

Buddhist philosophical analysis, tic-tac-toe, and a strange "hostage
situation" all come together in this story of violence transformed
through awareness.

Worship Associates: Meryl Birn
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                              Musician: CUUC Choir

April 25-“Earth Day”

Earth Day! Celebrate our home!
Worship Associate:  Mike Truex
Speaker:   CUUC Members                                            Musician:   Fran Handy


March 7- Flash Gordon Made Me an Atheist! [Listen Now!

When I was a kid, the old Saturday matinee serial, Flash Gordon, used
to show on Sunday morning TV, right during church time.  Guess which
one I preferred? And what do you think the two have in common?  This
morning I’ll share some thoughts on these questions.
Worship Associate:  Scott Wilson
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                             Musician: Ellen Fillion

March 14- “Equinox”

Each year the Earth passes through points of balance in the duration of
day and night between the extremes of the Solstices.  Today we celebrate
the Spring Equinox. 
Worship Associate: Mike Truex
Speaker: CUUC Members                                               Musician: Ellen Fillion

March 21 – “Will You Be Going to Tobago?"

You won’t win a trip to that beautiful Caribbean island this morning, but
you will get to enjoy some moments of discovery on neighboring
Trinidad during this year’s season of stewardship.
Worship Associates: Meryl Birn
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                              Musician: CUUC Choir

March 28-―Guest Speaker

Please join us today in welcoming Ms. Camp, the Chief Executive
Officer of the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center. 
Worship Associate:  Alex Emig
Speaker:   Kimberley Camp                                          Musician:   Fran Handy

February 7- “Hey, Joe!” [Listen Now!]

The story of Joseph is by far the longest one in the book of Genesis.  By
comparison, the stories of the creation of the heavens and the Earth;
Adam, Eve, and the serpent; Cain murdering Abel; Noah and his ark; the
tower of Babel and the confusion of languages:  all of these take only
eleven chapters to tell. Joseph's story goes for a full thirteen!  What’s so
important about this particular story?
•We’ll have special music by The Truexperience this morning.  
•We will also have a ceremony of welcome for new members.
Worship Associate:  Vickie Fausz
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                             Musician: Ellen Fillion

February 14- “Voices of Hope”

Voices of Hope is a non-profit organization that provides educational
opportunities to vulnerable Maasai post high school young women in the
Central Division of Kajiado District in Kenya. Rachael will tell us more
about this organization. There will also be a display of their fundraising
artwork and crafts.
Worship Associate: Diane Reed
Speaker: Rachael Tengbom                                            Musician: Fran Handy

February 21 – “ It’s Too Late for Groundhog Day” [Listen Now!]

A few years back, protesters tried to disrupt a soldier's funeral in Pasco
by shouting "God Hates Fags!"  The soldier wasn’t gay, but these folks
shout the same thing wherever they go. Why in the world do they do it? 
It’s possible that their slogan should be “God Hates Figs!” instead.  But
why would a loving god hate either?
Worship Associates: Mike Truex
Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro                                              Musician: CUUC Choir

February 28-“Scouting a Path”

The scouting trail has touched the lives of many boys, girls and adults. 
As the Boy Scout program celebrates its 100th year in the USA, we can
reflect on the nature of the program that have helped it to endure over the
terrain of time and changing attitudes.  John will reflect on his
experiences in the Boy Scouts and the milestones on the path that still
serve him well.
Worship Associate: Meryl Birn
Speaker:   John Dorian                                                   Musician: Ellen Fillion


January 3- “Window of Opportunity” Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro

Each New Year presents us with a tangible window of opportunity to do

what needs doing and say what needs saying. Let’s go back almost two

thousand years to see what a traveler named Paul did with a window of

opportunity that opened above his head.

Worship Associate: Diane Reed Musician: Ellen Fillion

January 10-  “The Joy of Daily Gifting” Speaker: Rev. Jim Dyson

Rev. Dyson is a retired minister from Central United Protestant Church.

We welcome him back as our guest speaker today.

Worship Associate: Alex Emig Musician: Fran Handy

January 17 - “The Possible Dance” Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now!]

Hot or cold weather sometimes drive us indoors and into very close

quarters with each other, and sometime’s that’s not pretty. Jean-Paul

Sartre’s play No Exit depicts Hell as a studio apartment where people

must live together, until one of them shouts that, ―Hell is other people!‖

We’ll explore and alternative ending today.

Worship Associates: Bobi Wilson Musician: Joe Jencks

January 24-“A Step Toward the Golden Age” Speaker: CUUC Members

Martin Luther King was a key leader helping us make a giant step

toward the ―Golden Age‖. Let’s explore that step and the Golden Age

toward which we are aiming.

Worship Associate: Mike Truex Musician: CUUC Choir

January 31-“The Charter for Compassion” Speaker: Meryl Birn

The Charter for Compassion is a challenging and thought-provoking

document. Proposed by author Karen Armstrong, it can help connect us

to other world religions and foster greater global understanding.

Worship Associate: Meryl Birn Musician: Mike & Shannon Truex