2009 Services

December 2009

December 6- “Insect Souls” - Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now! 7.05Mb]
Description: A meditation that leads up to the fourth UU principle:
"We covenant to affirm and promote a free and responsible search
for truth and meaning.
Worship Associate: Alex Emig                Musician: Ellen Fillion

 December 13- “Guest At Your Table”- Speaker: Meryl Birn

For more than thirty years, the Guest at Your Table tradition has
helped UUs build lasting connections to UU principles and support
the movement for universal human rights. It is a simple and
meaningful way to incorporate "faith in action" into your life.

Worship Associate: Gail Taff                     Musician: Fran Handy

December 20 - “Solstice” - Speaker: CUUC Members

The turn of the season, as the dark yields to light, is a time for
contemplation and celebration. Today we’ll have a little of both.
Worship Associates: Mike Truex and Diane Reed    Musician: Ellen Fillion & CUUC Choir

          December 24- Christmas Eve” - Speaker: CUUC Members 

We’ll join on this night for songs and stories from the Christmas
season.   Please bring a few cookies (no peanuts or peanut products
please) to share after the service.

Worship Associate: Mike Truex                     Musician: Ellen Fillion        

December 27-“Sharing Circle” - Speaker: CUUC Members

Today we look back on one year and forward to another. What is it
that stirred us last year and what is our hope for the world as we
move into the next?

Worship Associate:  Jenny Rieke                Musician:         

November 2009

November1-Oh My!Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro

Let’s take a walk down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and her friends as we contemplate what it means to affirm and promote our third UU principle, “acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth.” Can we help each other to break the spells and enchantments that have cursed our recent public discourse? (I’m taking our principles slightly out of order, but the day after Halloween seems a good time to match the third principle’s power against that of the Wicked Witch!)

Worship Associate: Vickie Fausz; Musician: Ellen Fillion

November 8- “Chance, Opportunity and Faith” Speaker: Dawnne Woodie

Dawnne Woodie, a transgender activist and minister, will discuss gender identity issues within faith communities.  Also, she will touch on Transgender Remembrance Day.

Worship Associate: Alex Emig; Musicians: Mike & Shannon Truex

November 15 - “Is There One Man in Hell?” Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now 7.8MB]

Ambrose Bierce defined 'Universalist' this way in his book, The Devil's Dictionary:  “Universalist, n. One who forgoes the advantage of a hell for persons of another faith.”  But aren’t there some advantages in having a hell that holds just a few of the very worst people, or maybe only one?  Let’s examine this question in the light of our second principle, by which we covenant to affirm and promote “justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.”

Worship Associate: Alex Emig; Musician: Ellen Fillion & CUUC Choir

November 22- “Guest At Your Table” Speaker: Meryl Birn

For more than thirty years, the Guest at Your Table tradition has helped UUs build lasting connections to UU principles and support the movement for universal human rights. It is a simple and meaningful way to incorporate "faith in action" into your life.

Worship Associate: Gail Taff;  Musician: Ellen Fillion

November 29- “For This I am Thankful” Speaker: CUUC Members

Marjorie Montgomery crafted a wonderful chalice lighting reading: “Life is a gift for which we are grateful.  We gather in community to celebrate the glories and the mysteries of this great gift.”  A good theme for the day!

Worship Associate: Mike Truex; Musicians: Mike & Shannon Truex


October 2009:

October 4-Bread, Roses and Upturned NosesSpeaker: Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 9.4Mb]

"Touch of Grey" was about the closest thing that The Grateful Dead ever had to a radio hit. It’s Jerry Garcia’s response to someone reciting a long list of grievances on their way out of his door. Today I’ll respond to another list of shortcomings, drawn up by someone who turned up his nose while leaving our religious movement for a “better” one with more exciting teachings. You be the judge!

October 11- “Climate Leadership” Speaker: CUUC Members

Climate change is at the forefront of global political discourse regarding the health of the planet.  Scientific evidence strongly suggests that we are fast approaching a “tipping point” beyond which significant and irrevocable environmental changes will occur.  Let us explore what it is to live in an era of global climate change and how we may be called to action, individually and as a community, on behalf of Earth and the future of humanity.

October 18- The First PrincipleSpeaker:  Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 6.5Mb]

The first Holy Truth of Buddhism is the recognition of the universality of suffering, the realization that “all is ill.” The Buddha said: “It is difficult to shoot from a distance arrow after arrow through a narrow key hole, and miss not once…  It is still more difficult to penetrate to the fact that ‘all this is ill.’” Likewise, our own first principle—“to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person”--is at once the key to all the others and the most difficult one to practice.  But is it still worth trying?

October 25-‘Association Sunday” Speaker: Diane Reed

The theme for this year's Association Sunday is "Growing Our Diversity." We'll explore our ties with our larger faith community and consider the ways that we can expand our diversity and welcome a wide range of people into our congregation.


September 2009:

September 6th: Follow The Leader, Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 6.89Mb]

Tag, Hide-and-Seek, Peekaboo--some games are so simple and immediate that they almost compel us to play.  Today I'll tell the story of a game of Follow-The-Leader that took a tragic turn, in the hope that it can teach us something of value.

September 13th: Social Justice; What Can Our Community Do?, Speaker: CUUC Members

September 20th: Wrong Turn At Albuquerque, Speaker: Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 8.53Mb]

Participants in last year's Bible class at CUUC read some creation stories, some destruction stories, and many tales of wandering and pondering.  Had we kept reading, we would also have come to a cartoon that's loads of fun, but that's not all, folks!  It's also well worth our attention in these days between Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur.

September 27th: We're the Ones We've Been Waiting For, Speaker: Bill Scarvie

"The organizing principals of Earth Community are so closely aligned with the principals of my faith that I cannot affirm and promote one without affirming and promoting the other."  In this service we will explore the moral imperitive of the Earth Community described in David Korten's recent book, The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community.  Scarvie serves as Coordinator of Outreach for the Earth Community Initiative of Korten's People Centered Development Forum and has spoken at many UU congregations.

August 2009:

August 2nd: Jury Duty, Speaker: Mike Truex

Words are used to describe our world - but are they sufficient?

August 9th: Jesus - What Did He Really Say?, Speaker: Scott Wilson

Almost 2 decades ago a group of scholars published a redlined gospel edition of the Five Gospels (including Thomas) after an extensive retranslation of the text.  It was the final product of study by hundreds of scholars using and articulating specific rules of evidence for understanding the history of the gospels as they searched for the "Historical Jesus".  Unlike many other religions, Jesus did not leave writings and his death after only few years as a traveling teacher made his impact short but clearly it was powerful.  What did he really say?

August 16th: The Green Sanctuary, Guest Speaker: Katherine Jesch

Rev. Jesch is Director of Environmental Ministry for Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth.  She coordinates teh Green Sanctuary Program, supporting congregational efforts to deepen their relationship with Earth, connect their love of Earth with their faith, and turn their compassion into effective action for healing the Earth and ourselves.  Rev. Jesch has worked with over 200 congregations, preaching, leading workshops and retreats, and consulting with congregations on issues of environment and Earth justice in a context of our faith.

August 23rd: Evolve Your Brain, Speaker: Dave Comstock [Read Now, .DOC file]

We'll explore key points from Joe Dispenza's book on the human mind, how it works, and the science of changing (rewiring) your mind.  His ideas include practical tools for breaking old habits and mindfully initiating new positive habits to actively create each day.

August 30th: Mingling of the Waters, Speaker: CUUC Members

Our tradition is to start the church year with a service of sharing.  Please come and share the essence of your journey and your adventures from the summer.  We use water as our symbol of how our journeys intermingle at church.  You're welcome to bring a sample of water that represents part of your story to pour into a common vessel containing water from past sharing and from other stories of this year.

July 2009:

  • July 5th: State of Shame: Considering Immigration Issues, Guest Speaker: Jose Garcia
    We all probably like to eat a fresh apple, and grapes, or mabye we ate nice, dark red, sweet cherries just lately, but most of us do not think really how these "Fruits of God" got to our tables.  Just a day after celebrating "Independence Day", I wonder how "independent" are those who pick our fruit and vegetables and how "independent" is society from indentured servitude.
  • July 12th: Faith of the Father, Member-led Service
    This sermon by former CUUC member, now UU minister, Rev. Duane Fickeisen addresses some key issues in the discussion of the tension between church and state.  What did the founding fathers believe and intend?  A timely discussion as we come off the 4th of July holiday.
  • July 19th: When Emerson Met Hafiz, Guest Speaker Nayer Taheri
    Rev. Nayer Taheri is pediatric chaplain at the Providence Hospice of Seattle.  She received her Master's degree from the Starr King School for the Ministry, a Unitarian Universalist Seminary in Berkeley, CA.  One of her interests in UU studies includes the relations between our faith and mystical aspects of Islam.  Her sermon explores the connection between Emerson's thoughts and Hafiz's philosophy of love and how the two met in spite of difference of time and space.
  • July 26th: Deep Connections, Member-led Service
    How do we form a meaningful faith community?  Is it just enough to be together on Suday mornings for worship and fellowship?  Are there ways to create community and minister to each other in significant ways?  Many UU churches form covenant groups or small group ministries.  Let's take a look at what this is all about, in addition to other possible ways to be and grow together.

June 2009:

  • June 7: Still Goodenough, Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 7.25Mb]
    Back in 1894 the Rev. S. Goodenough - minister of the Universalist church of Oakland, CA - began a sermon on the tumultuous times that our nation was experiencing, but seems not to have finished it. I’ll try to do it for him today. Come hear about the many interesting connections between his times and ours, and between our church and his!
  • June 14: National Marrow Donor Program and Registry, Guest Speaker, Cristina Klatovfky
    Every day, thousands of patients with life threatening illnesses, such as leukemia or other diseases of the blood system, are told they need a marrow transplant to survive. The National Marrow Donor Program maintains a volunteer registry to help those patients that need a marrow donor and can not find one within the family (only 30% do find a related donor).
  • June 21: The Power of Celebration, Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 8.20Mb]
    What we celebrate may say as much about us as what we believe or what we achieve. What do our celebrations say about who we are and who we want to be?
  • June 28: This I Believe, Member-led Service
    What do we believe? Each person takes a different path to this faith, this church, this sanctuary. This morning, a few of us will share that part of the journey we have come to call "This I Believe."

May 2009:

  • May 3: Apologies to a Flea, Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 7.4Mb]
    Let’s travel back to a high school biology class during Vietnam War days and ponder how we can educate for peace, educate for wonder, and still educate effectively.
  • May 10: Mother's Day, Member-led Service
    Join us for a Mother's Day celebration!
  • May 17: Bring Them Out, Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 7.5Mb]
    Sodom's true sin, and what we can learn from it.
  • May 25: Workshop Reflections, Member-led Service
    Reflections from a recent workshop offer us reason to ponder.
  • May 31: Our Faith in the Public Square, Member-led Service
    Our work as a liberal religious faith is unfinished as long as there is poverty and injustice in the world. Now, more than ever, is the time to make our Unitarian Universalist values heard by our elected officials. In doing so, we honor Unitarian and Universalist traditions of political and social activism. The Reverend Carol McKinley is a community minister affiliated with the Olympia UU Congregation, and is coordinator of and lobbyist for Washington UU Voices for Justice, a statewide legislative network that advocates for progressive public policies.

April 2009:

  • April 5: A Little Temptation For You, Rev. Craig Moro
    Early in the gospel according to Luke, Jesus is baptized in the waters of the Jordan River. He then goes into the desert for a period of fasting and prayer, and also for a little temptation when the Devil tries to get him to do some crazy stuff by—of all things!—quoting scripture at him. There’s a lesson to be learned here, one that I’ll try to unpack for you today.
  • April 12: Trip to the Holy Land, Member-led Service
    Michael Eselun will share his reflections upon his recent trip to Jerusalem with a friend facing a grave medical crisis— both the external journey to Jerusalem and the internal journey through fear and unanswerable questions.
  • April 19: The Barbarian Problem, Rev. Craig Moro [Listen Now, 7.4Mb]
    Join us for a morning of kung fu in the sanctuary. In the Confucian tradition, kung fu means “moral efforts,” but I promise you martial arts fans that Bruce Lee will also pay us a visit today! We’ll consider who’s civilized and who’s a barbarian, and also hear about the only time that Confucius is known to have hit another person. (This is the final installment in our Confucius series this year.)
  • April 26: What Happened to Passion? Why the Religious Right is So Far Ahead of Progressive Faith Groups, Guest Speaker, Rev. Vincent Lachina
    The Rev. Vincent Lachina is the state chaplain for the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Washington.

March 2009:

  • March 1: Almost Tame, Rev. Craig Moro
    Recently, we've had pulpit visits from a big black dog, a bigger red dog, and an armadillo or two. Today we'll meet a couple of squirrels and a fox. We'll also continue our conversation with an old Chinese gentleman, and hear his thoughts about the power of li, or ritual. This is the third installment in our four-part Confucius series.
  • March 8: Evolution, Member-led Service
    It has been 200 years since Darwin's birth and 150 years since the publication of his book describing evolution. Scientific investigation continues to provide evidence for the process of evolution. Still, evolution is provocative in many ways. What does it provoke in you?
  • March 15: Nice Little Church You've Got Here, Rev. Craig Moro
    How big is our religious community? Physical dimensions and numbers of members can be deceptive. When we come together on Sundays, we gather on something like the tip of an iceberg - there's so much more beneath the surface! Lets explore such thoughts together as we move forward with our annual stewardship campaign.
  • March 22: Mid-Columbia Reading Foundation, Marc Harden
    The Mid-Columbia Reading Foundation distributes books to children throughout our community and works to ensure that every child is read to twenty minutes a day from birth and that at least 90 percent of students read at or above their grade level by the end of third grade.
  • March 29: Justice Sunday: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Celebrating 60 Years of Justice, Member-led Service
    Each spring, Unitarian Universalist congregations nationwide stand together on one pressing human rights issue. By celebrating Justice Sunday, we can gain in-depth knowledge about an urgent human rights issue and take action steps to advocate for change.

February 2009:

  • February 1: A Bit of Your Best , Rev. Craig Moro
    What's been called "ancestor worship" is really a way of thinking that asks us to consider our individual lives in the context of past, present, and future generations. How does it change the way we live when we try to give a bit of our best to each of these, every day? This is the first sermon in a four-part series on Confucian thought and spirituality.
  • February 8: Sexual Assault Response Center, Guest Speaker, Jennifer Brady, Education Outreach Coordinator
    Sexual Assault Response Center provides crisis services, support, and advocacy to victims of all non-domestic violence crimes, non-offending family members and others who are impacted by crime. They offer prevention based education ad community development initiatives.
  • February 15: Correcting Clifford , Rev. Craig Moro
    Confucius, the Public Broadcasting System, Unitarian Universalist principles, and a big red dog: what do all of these have to do with each other? Come join us this morning to find out! (Second part of the Confucius series, which continues in March)
  • February 22: Lutheran Community Services, Guest Speaker, Jean Tucker, Director of Marketing and Development of Lutheran Community Services
    LCS provides 24-hour crisis intervention services for children and teens, as well as therapeutic foster care for children and teens with significant mental health issues. The Columbia Basin office has been serving the community for 45 years. Jean has been playing the violin since she was 5 years old. The violin she will be playing today is almost 100 years old.

January 2009:

  • January 4: What Time Is It?, Rev. Craig Moro
    Right now, it�s the Hebrew year 5769, Chinese year 4645, and the Thai year 2552. But what time is it the cycle of your life? Let�s ponder this together today.
  • January 11: In the Words of Martin Luther King Jr., Member-Led Service
    We all generally know what Martin Luther King Jr. did for civil rights and non-violent means of protest. We may also know some lines from his speeches. Let's hear more of what he said.
  • January 18: Of Pets, Gifts, and Guests at Your Table, Rev. Craig Moro
    Come meet a big black dog, an armadillo, and the only pet that�s ever mentioned in the Bible. At the same time we'll consider how tight times and the present economic crisis offers us a window through which we can our world more clearly. Be sure to bring in those Guest at Your Table boxes today!
  • January 25: The 'Big Three' of Peace: King, Gandhi, and Jesus, Jim Stoffels, World Citizens for Peace
    With the pervasive presence of violence in our world, peace seems like a dream that is becoming more distant. But the nonviolent spirit of three who gave their lives for peace is still with us. By examining and imitating their lives, we can grow that spirit within ourselves and "let peace begin with me.