2008 Services

December 2008:

  • December 7: Shocking Exclusive: Minister Delivers Live Nude Sermon!, Rev. Craig Moro
    Now that I've got your attention, let me ask you a question: How would you like to see yourself pictured on the cover of a tabloid newspaper at your grocery store checkout stand? How do we respond as people of conscience to the "exposure industry" and its effect on public life?
  • December 14: Let the Poets Speak, Member-Led Service
    Poetry is one answer to the winter chill outside. There will be time in the service for reading poems - please bring one you'd like to share.
  • December 21: Cut It Off, Throw It Away!, Rev. Craig Moro
    A story of Christmas presents; things lost and things found; fathers, sons, and baseball gloves.
  • December 24: Christmas Eve Service at 4:30 p.m.!, Member-Led Service
    Please join us for a service of carols and Christmas readings. Candles will brighten the night as we share the joy of the season. Cookies are also nice to share, so please bring some along (no peanuts please). We'll have the hot cider ready.
  • December 28: Resolutions for the Greater Good, Member-Led Service
    Most of us know what the typical "New Year's Resolution" sounds like. It's typically along the lines of losing weight, working less, watching less TV, etc. These resolutions rarely last long after utterance. What could our world become if each person resolved to take an action that would benefit their community, nation, or even the whole planet? What small step could you commit to taking to "be the change you want to see?" Come and find out!

November 2008:

  • November 2: How to Read the Sea of Reeds, Rev. Craig Moro
    Many of us remember Charlton Heston playing the prophet Moses as he led his people across the Red Sea, pursued by Pharaoh's chariots. Some of us take this story literally. But there's another option that we'll explore this morning-a literary, literate reading that touches on the special power of the written word.
  • November 9: World AIDS Day, Guest Speaker, Timara Shindehite
    Timara will be sharing the history behind the World AIDS Day event occurring on December 1st. Her talk will include an overview of this event, as well as progress in the fight against AIDS both locally and world-wide.
  • November 16: We Gather Together, Rev. Craig Moro
    The act of gathering can be a powerful religious practice. Why do we gather together, at Thanksgiving and other times? What�s the good in it? There are no turkeys in this story, but there will be one misbehaving chicken.
  • November 23: Guest at Your Table, Member-Led Service
    The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee sponsors the Guest At Your Table program each year. Come find out about the good work of this program and how it fits with our Principles and Purposes.
  • November 30: What You Don't Read in the Church Ads, Member-Led Service
    Most churches (regardless of denomination) would have a hard time living up to the slogans and "bumper-sticker" promotions put forth to lure in visitors. Some find disillusionment, however, once they become involved. Any fellowship composed of human beings is bound to be flawed. But if we look hard enough, we usually find a network of genuine, compassionate, concerned individuals who give of themselves to each other and the world. The key word is "community." That is worthy of our support and celebration.

October 2008:

  • October 5: The Big Screwdriver, Rev. Craig Moro
    Description unavailable.
  • October 12: Association Sunday, Member-Led Service
    Description unavailable.
  • October 19: The Messenger's Last Day, Rev. Craig Moro
    Description unavailable.
  • October 26: This I Believe, Member-Led Service
    Description unavailable.

September 2008:

  • September 7: We Didn't Think of Mule Teeth, Rev. Craig Moro
    After the shootings at the Knoxville UU church in July, coming so close to the seventh anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001, let us ask: how do wounds affect us and how do we help them to heal? How can we relate the wounds of a little child to those suffered by a church or a nation? Do we serve hope best by going backwards, or by moving forward? We will also have a Child Dedication ceremony during this service.
  • September 14: Mingling of Waters, Member-Led Service
    The Mingling of Waters is CUUC�s traditional ritual of gathering at the end of summer to mark the beginning of a new church year. Everyone is invited to bring water that was collected from summer journeys and experiences (symbolic water welcome) and combine it the water from others. We�ll have a chance to share the essence of our stories from this summer, the part that has meaning to us, and reaffirm our bonds of community.
  • September 21: Minding the Splinters, Rev. Craig Moro
    Goethe�s poem about the young Sorcerer�s Apprentice - who struggles to put a halt to a process that he has started - leads us to consider the special work that goes on in your community. Come explore the interplay between science, secrecy, trust, and power
  • September 28: Our Choices Shape Our Lives, Member-Led Service
    After some general comments on the extent of our freedoms, a few real-life stories will be used to illustrate my conviction that, whatever our handicaps, ill-fortune, past mistakes, and victimizations, we still have choices. It is up to us to use our freedom to make a life of which we can be proud.

August 2008:

  • August 3: Staying at the Table: The Sustenance of Right Relations, Guest Speaker, Rev. Karen B. Taliesin
    Description unavailable.
  • August 10: Who Are You--Really?, Member-Led Service
    Description unavailable.
  • August 17: Radical Hospitality, Guest Speaker, Elizabeth "Kit" Ketcham
    Description unavailable.
  • August 24: Wisdom Culture, Member-Led Service
    Description unavailable.
  • August 31: A Journey to Wholeness, Member-Led Service
    Description unavailable.

July 2008:

  • July 6: Make a Joyful Noise, Member-Led Service
    Have you ever wondered how many ways and/or how many times music has become a part of your life's story? Music can bring back memories of sad or happy times. It can also be healing and uplifting. Let's get together and make a joyful noise!
  • July 13: Community Growth/Unforseen Outcomes, Member-Led Service
    Description unavailable.
  • July 20: Light, Member-Led Speaker
    Description unavailable.

June 2008:

  • June 1: Half Full and Half Empty, Member-Led Service
    Description unavailable.
  • June 8: What's it Worth to You, Member-Led Service
    Description unavailable.
  • June 15: Life Isn't Fair, Get Over It!, Member-Led Speaker
    Description unavailable.
  • June 22: Vista Youth Center, Guest Speaker, Mark Lee
    Description unavailable.
  • June 29: History, Member-Led Speaker
    Description unavailable.

May 2008:

  • May 4: Eat, Sleep, and ?, Member-Led Service
    There are a variety of ways to fill our days.
  • May 11: All the Generations Celebrate Bridging and Mother's Day, Member-Led Service
    This morning we integrate two springtime celebrations: the Bridging Ceremony for our graduating high school seniors and Mother's Day. In addition to "I Believe" statements from the Bridging youth, our children and youth will influence this celebratory gathering by various means, including song, dance, and verse
  • May 18: Mental Health Awareness, Guest Speaker, Miss Tri-Cities, Kristin Cox
    Kristin Cox, Miss Tri-Cities is a full-time student at Columbia Basin College completing her Associate's degree and plans to attend WSU Tri-Cities to obtain her Bachelor's degree. During her year as service as Miss Tri-Cities, Kristin wishes to address the community about Mental Health Awareness with emphasis on removing the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • May 25: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained; Risks and Living, Member-Led Service
    We all take risks in living although many of us would say, "not me!" Yet, when you drive 55 mph on a 2-lane highway, you are a mere 5 ft from death every time you pass an oncoming car. Several examples of risks and living will be explored, including auto racing.

April 2008:

  • April 6: Cookie, Matzoh, Golem, Bench, Rev. Craig Moro
    A meditation on secret ingredients and the question of the "life" in things. This sermon is delivered in support of the annual Stewardship campaign. It also speaks favorably of cookies, matzohs, and benches! (Folems are another matter.)
  • April 13: An Historical Look at Franklin County, Guest Speaker, Sherel Well
    Our church is in Franklin County now! Today we'll examine the history of our new home.
  • April 20: Time to Make a Good Thing Better, Rev. Craig Moro
    Our series on the "sources" of UU tradition continues today as I propose a change that may help us open our doors to people who may not yet be certain if they are welcome. They are--and we will be enriched by their presence.
  • April 27: The Value of Open Space, Our Guest Speakers will be Members from BFOSC
    Today we will explore personal perspectives about the value of open space and the actions taken in our community to promote and preserve open space. Members of the Benton-Franklin Open Space Coalition will be speaking.

March 2008:

  • March 2: Year of the Elephant, Rev. Craig Moro
    It was 570 A.D. when the army of a great empire attempted a "surgical strike" in order to remove a source of annoyance and a challenge to its power. What happened, and why does it matter today?
  • March 9: Pastoral Care Ministry in the Hospital Setting, Guest Speaker, Rev. Garcia
    Currently the Chaplain at Kennewick General Hospital, Rev. Garcia believes that we are all spiritual beings, transcending Christianity and certainly all denominations. He will share some of his experiences with people from different religious perspectives.
  • March 16: Loaves, Fishes, and Barabbas, Rev. Craig Moro
    The Gospel of Matthew sets one crowd scene shortly after another. In the first, Jesus and his disciples feed 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. In the second scene, a crowd is asked to choose only one of three prisoners to save from public execution. Were any from the first crowd also present in the second? What does it mean, if there were?
  • March 23: Easter: An Intergenerational Celebration, CUUC Members
    The season of Easter is a great time to ponder Jesus the Questioner. The inquiry approach to spiritual meaning is right "at home" with Unitarian Universalists, as we know that lively questions enrich the community! Join the Children, Youth, and Young Adults in a Springtime celebration through music, poetry, story, and sharing.
  • March 30: Now is the Time!, Guest Speaker, Rev. Dr. Richard Erhardt
    We live in dark times of fear and uncertainty. Our situation is precarious. Our liberal religious heritage has a saving message that that we do matters. In times of darkness the light of liberal religion is a beacon of hope. How do we support our liberal faith so that we may be supported by it?

February 2008:

  • February 3: More Than a Mouthful, Rev. Craig Moro
    Cilappatikaram is quite a mouthful to say. But it's also much more than that. The book called by that name is one of a very few religious epics from the ancient world that has a woman as its hero. We are fortunate to share a religious tradition in which no single religious scripture is placed on top of all others, so we can give this powerful story the attention it deserves! A word of caution: like the Old and New Testaments, this story contains some strong and disturbing imagery!
  • February 10: Self-Knowledge, Guest Speaker, Chris Turner
  • February 17: Bridges Full of Holes, Rev. Craig Moro
    Some members of a UU congregation once told me that I had better throw certain other members of the church I was serving, or risk getting tossed myself. They weren't kidding. But what could I do? And what were those "certain others" doing that made some folks so angry? Find out this Sunday.
  • February 24: The Criminal Justice Situation in the Tri-Cities, Guest Speaker, Richard Nordgren

January 2008:

  • January 6: I am a Lie, Rev. Craig Moro
    Our statement of UU Principles and Purposes tells us that "The living tradition we share draws from many sources," then goes on to say that the very first of these sources is "Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life." That's quite a mouthful! Over a thousand years ago, one poet in India seems to have had his own mouthful of such "direct experience." Let's share its flavor, and address the role of mystical experience in our religious lives.
  • January 13: Planned Parenthood, Guest Speaker, Timara Shindehite
  • January 20: Why Does Two Come After One?, Rev. Craig Moro
    The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the one with the weapons) is beloved by many who call themselves "conservatives" while the first amendment (the one with the freedoms) is the darling of so-called "liberals." Why do these amendments come in the order that they do, and how does this relate to our second source: "Words and deeds of prophetic women and men which challenge us to confront powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love"?
  • January 27: An Historical Look at Franklin County, Guest Speaker, Sherel Webb