2007 Services

December 2007:

  • December 2: Can't You Wave Your Hand?, Rev. Craig Moro
    When Jesus played to the crowd in his hometown synagogue, they responded by trying to throw him off of a cliff! I wonder, would he get the same response if he showed up today at many churches where the almost droning use of his name is confused with discipleship to his teachings? The audience wanted him to wave his hand and do some magic. He offered something else, much more rare than magic and much fuller than faith. What?
  • December 9: To Gift or Not to Gift?, Member-Led Service
    That is the question among many. What do I gift? How many do I gift? How much do I gift? Why should I gift? Gift us your presence at this Sunday's worship service, and let us explore the many answers together.
  • December 16: Ugly Face, Rev. Craig Moro
    Some time ago, nationally syndicated writer Kathleen Parker responded in a column to a computer-generated reconstruction of what Jesus' face might have looked like. She wasn't happy with the dark, unfamiliar results. Her comments reveal a certain ugly mindset about the "Other." Let's hear a response in turn.
  • December 23: Winter Solstice Celebration, Member-Led Service
    One of our Unitarian Universalist sources of inspiration encourages us to be aware of the sacred circle of life and the rythms of natures. Today we celebrate the turning of the seasons at the Winter Solstice.
  • December 24: A Gathering Time: Christmas Eve Service at 4:00 p.m., Member-Led Service
    Carols and stories of Christmas will be shared as we gather on this winter's evening. Cookies always make for good cheer, so please bring some to share.
  • December 30: Stories From the Years, Member-Led Service
    A variation on "Where were you on..." -- What was important to you this year, 10 years ago, 20 years ago...

November 2007:

  • November 4: Doodle-Deedle, Up and Down, Rev. Craig Moro
    One of the most comical scenes in the Bible is found in the book of Exodus, and occurs as the people are moving from one location to another. Cecil B. DeMille never filmed it, but let's not miss it! The goofy things that happen in transition can bring insight to guide us on our way--and shed some light on who we are.
  • November 11: Veteran's Day, Member-Led Service
    We all have the experience of living during war. We'll honor veterans today and share about how war has personally affected us.
  • November 18: Say Shibboleth, Rev. Craig Moro
    If you can't say it correctly, woe unto you! Shibboleths are words we use to help us determine who is "one of us" and who is not: whom we are with or against. How are shibboleths used today, and do they really mean? This sermon will pay special attention to the religious "problem" of the Other--perhaps the definitive problem of our times today. Let's see what we can offer the world about how to meet this challenge!
  • November 25: The Most Dangerous Church in America, Pulpit Guest Speaker, Rev. Dr. Richard Erhardt
    There was a conversation between a Unitarian Universalist minister and a Mormon missionary where the missionary said that, if we were to grow as our numbers suggest, we would be the most dangerous church in America. The most dangerous church in America? What does that mean? Let's unpack it.

October 2007:

  • October 7: A Palette for Columbus Day, Rev. Craig Moro
    "In fourteen-hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..." What other colors do we need to paint a portrait of the Admiral of the Ocean Seas and his actions in the New World? I'll suggest a few this Sunday, including green, blood-red, gold, and bone-white.
  • October 14: Association Sunday, Member-Led Service
    We will be joining other UU congregations throughout our denomination to celebrate the first UU "Association Sunday." We will celebrate being part of the Unitarian Universalist Association and strengthen our connection and combine our resources to enable us to have more of an influence on our country.
  • October 21: It's Too Early for Halloween, Rev. Craig Moro
    Yes, there are still ten days to go, but it's not too early to contemplate the meanings we find hidden in what is many people's favorite holiday. Its costumes and customs invite us to embrace diversity, decay, and even death. Let's take a walk in the dark together!
  • October 28: Set the Welcome Table, Guest Speaker, Carmen McDowell
    Religious community is a place where we practice growing our souls. In particular, Unitarian Universalism offers a positive vision of humanity and a message of reason, love, and hope for all. How do we authentically share that message and lift up our treasured heritage of invitation?

September 2007:

  • September 2: In Style, Member-Led Service
    Words of wisdom have been offered in many ways. Poetry can share wisdom with style. This Labor Day weekend, the service will be filled with poetry and song.
  • September 9: Mingling of the Waters, Member-Led Service
    We gather for our traditional start of the formal church year. Rev. Craig Moro is back from Thailand with much to tell, and many of us have had interesting journies to share. Don't forget to bring any water you've collected in your travels. As always, "generic" water will be available for those who do not have water. Come, reconnect with your church community!
  • September 16: Embracing Balance -- An Autumn Equinox Celebration, Member-Led Service
    Days are growing shorter and nights longer, and colder. As, once again, we slowly slip from summer towards winter it is important to remember the principle of 'Balance' within ourselves, within our lives, within our community. We will gather together for a participatory Pagan ceremony to celebrate and welcome this time of change and balance.
  • September 23: The Thing About the Newest Buddhist "Bling" (and other reflections from a trip to Thailand), Rev. Craig Moro
    Thailand is going through a difficult period, much as we are in the U.S. One manifestation is an amulet craze that has been sweeping the nation for about one year now. Let's reflect on this and lessons we can learn from the Thai experience.
  • September 30: Who Made This Mess?, Guest Speaker, Rev. Bo Bryan
    This was a question often asked by my mother when my brothers and I were young. This sermon deals with the topic of personal responsibility--what it means, where it originates, and the ways people try to avoid it. Oftentimes, there are reasons (or are they excuses) mitigating our responsibility. For how much of the "mess", whether it be a bridge collapsing in Minnesota or toys strewn about the living room, should we (or someone) be held responsible?

August 2007:

  • August 5: A Poetry Service, Member-Led Service
    Let's share a few favorite poems and spend some time talking about why poetry matters. A poem can be an opening into one's life--into grief, joy, loss, the ordinary. It can bring us out of ourselves and into a larger way of thinking. To quote Sam Hamill, "poetry is the heart by way of the ear."
  • August 12: Can You Feel It?, Member-Led Service
    The ultimate value of any church community is probably determined by how much we allow ourselves to actually FEEL while experiencing church functions. Attendance, the act of showing up, is the first step; opening ourselves to the message is another step. The speaker will share how democracy can truly manifest through spiritual quest as we allow ourselves and each other to truly feel while functioning.
  • August 19: Potpourri, Member-Led Service (special service held at 10:30 a.m. 2819 W. Sylvester in Pasco, south of the Nissan auto dealership and near the Blue Bridge). Join us after the service for coffee and conversation!
    A potpourri does not have to be something smelly. It is a collection, an assortment, or a hodgepodge. Many thoughts have been tumbling and mumbling through the misty mush in the mind lately. Good versus evil? How do we define them, do they exist, why should/would we care? Can a true Unitarian Universalist be judgmental, and is there anything wrong with that? Is Hell real--exothemic or endothermic--and what about Heaven, anyway (a darm funny answer has already been presented to this question, and I'll share it)? Let's try to peer through the mist and nail a few thoughts down. Let's share a potpourri today!
  • August 26: What's Behind A.A. Milne's 'Ivory Door', Guest Speaker, Homer Wilkins
    today, we'll explore the regrettable cohesive poser of superstitions based on a much-neglected drama by the author of the Pooh books. Problems and possibilities were faced by a young royal couple who defied superstitions and were then forced to go out into the world and face "real life." What is "real life?" Is mythology necessary for a sense of community? Can there be mythology without superstition?

July 2007:

  • July 1: Heroes, Member-Led Service
    What purposes does your hero/heroine hold for you? What role do heroes play in elevating our collective consciousness? Is it random choice that creates a hero, just being at the right place at the right time; or are heroes more often made by conscious choices we make in responding to life during defining moments?
  • July 8: Choices That Matter Revisited, Member-Led Service
    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come get your UU General Assembly news straight from those that attended the event held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR. The theme for the 46th annual conference was "Choices That Matter."
  • July 15: Faith, Hope, and Love: The Secular Path of Christianity's Future, Member-Led Service
    Philosophers deeply immersed in the Christian tradition were the pioneers of our secular culture. The diversity within Christianity's past provided cultural and spiritual roots that can illuminate the present without restricting the future. Our growing knowledge about Jesus and the history of human spiritual development provides insights into our secular future. Paul spoke wisdom, "Faith, hope, and love...and the greatest of these is love." 
  • July 22: Have You Heard the One About the Unitarian Universalist, or How Many UUs Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?, Member-Led Service
    One of the hallmarks of our free faith is that we generally don't take ourselves too seriously. This service will feature UU humor from a number of sources. You are invited to share your favorite UU humor as well, so bring your favorite joke or funny story. How many UUs does it take to change a light bulb anyway?
  • July 29: History, Mystery, and Building Community, Guest Speaker, Christopher Turner

June 2007:

  • June 3: Are we the Center of the Universe?, Member-Led Service
    The seventh UU principle is "Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part." This sounds like a worthy principle, but what does it really mean to us? When we hear about "nature's fury", do we really believe that Mother Earth has a grudge against us? Are we more important than the animals of the field or the birds in the sky? How can we live the seventh principle in our faith and in our everyday lives? How can we become better stewards of the earth by giving up our own sense of importance and finding our co-equal place in the interdependent web. 
  • June 10: The Bible and Holy War, David McCreery, Guest Speaker
    The sermon will reflect upon the Biblical concept of Holy War and how this tradition is impacting current events.
  • June 17: Great Dads, Member-Led Service
    �What would you like your fathering legacy to be?� This Father�s Day service is based on the book Great Dads: Building Lasting Relationships With Your Kids written by Robert Hamrin. Through letters from children used to illustrate his points, Hamrin asks men some thought-provoking questions that explore the value of fathering which is often diminished and downplayed in today�s society. He also provides a chapter-by-chapter guide based upon 12 principles he developed to build and improve his own fathering (parenting) legacy. No one is perfect at the parenting game, but this is an excellent resource for parenting by parents of any gender. This book was an eye-opener for me (a mother!) in my relationship with my kids, and it was comforting to realize their father was already a pretty great dad! Immediately following this (purposefully) expedited service, let�s all meet at Jefferson Park and help our �Great Dads� celebrate their day with tons of great food, great folks, and great fun!
  • June 24: Summer Solstice Service, Ralph Wiebe, Guest Speaker
    We acknowledge with our Sunday service this day our Seventh Principle, �Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part", and the Sixth Source of our Living Tradition, "Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature." In the spirit and celebration of the religious freedom and diversity our nation was built upon we welcome today a High Priest of an Indo-European Wiccan tradition. A tri-Cities resident since 1983, he has been a follower of this particular spiritual path since 1990 and a student of many Magical philosophies for over 30 years. With his help, we will be guided through a traditional celebration of the Summer Solstice. As a special part of this service, our celebrant invites you to bring items you wish to have blessed as part of this seasonal pagan rite.

May 2007:

  • May 6: Stars and Streetlamps, Rev. Craig Moro
    As Mother's and Father's Day approach, I always remember an old Family Circus cartoon in which one of its cute, ageless child characters asks: "There's a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, so how come there isn't a Kid's Day?" You'll hear a bit about my own kid today, but I won't bore you with too many stories! The Bible and other scriptures are filled with narratives of the pressures that can exist between generations of the human family. The literature of Islam also provides some interesting examples and our own UU principles may offer a window of insight to help us better understand the dynamics of how we get the world from each other, share it, and change it. Today's service will also include this year's bridging ceremony as members of our youth group prepare to transition one step further on the path to adulthood and engagement with the wider world. 
  • May 13: The Great Turning, Kate Lore, Guest Speaker
    Business as usual is over. The era of cheap oil is ending, climate change is undeniably real, and the U.S. economy rests on an unsustainable foundation of financial and environmental debt. Yet there is a new conscience emerging around the globe that is gaining momentum, clearing our vision and giving us every reason to hope. What will it require of us to evoke The Great Turning?
  • May 20: Breaking Confidence, Rev. Craig Moro
    Over the years I've had many confidential discussions with folks who are frustrated with their fellow Unitarian Universalists, and also with themselves. Why does she keep doing this; how could he have said that; how much longer can we put up with them before they leave, or else I will? The conversations take many turns but always end at the same place, where I share certain thoughts of mine in confidence. It's time to break that confidence and share them with you now.
  • May 27: Looking Back for a Reason, Member-Led Service
    The past holds importance to us. It touches us in ways specific to each individual, but we share the common experience of having memories of those who have been on this earth before us and of past events that stay with us over time.

April 2007:

  • April 1: Pledge or Die! (An April Fool's Day Sermon), Rev. Craig Moro
    A sermon that will kill you (just joking!) to help kick off a stewardship campaign that will give our church new life (no kidding!). How many UUs does it take to make a stewardship service? You'll have to come if you want to hear the punchline! 
  • April 8: Good News! Liberal Religion is Alive and Well in the Pacific Northwest!, Member-Led Service
    A sizeable cadre of Unitarian Universalists attended our district Annual General Meeting in Boise, Idaho this past February. In between workshops and meals, we connected with many more fellow UUs. Today we take this opportunity to share a bit of our various perspectives, experiences, and learnings. Please come listen, ask, and be energized by news from the bigger picture.
  • April 15: Faith, Hope, and Silly Little Songs, Rev. Craig Moro
    Most liberal and progressive thinkers are deeply troubled with the "Chritianism" of the religious right today, understanding how little it has to do with the core affirmations of the Christian message. What so-called "Christian" values and virtues do most of us affirm, whether we are Christian or not? Are there any other values we would add to this list? And what do silly songs have to do with any of this? Find out this afternoon, and share in our "renewal of vows" as a Welcoming Congregation!
  • April 22: How to Save the Planet, CUUC UUth Group (Teens)
    It is easy to forget that in the not too distant future the youth of today will rule the world of tomorrow. It is our hope that they will rule with a gentle and responsible hand. As something of a practice run, the High School youth of CUUC will be in charge of our Earth Day service. Along with special guests, they will share music and stories and ideas of how YOU can make a difference....on Earth Day and into the world of tomorrow.
  • April 29: Environmentalism and Evangelism, Rev. Stephen Erikson, Guest Speaker
    Disagreement exists within the Evangelical Christian community over envrionmentalism. What implications could this conflict have for religious progressives? Join our guest speaker for an absorbing foray into this timely stewardship topic. There will be a segment during the service hour after the sermon for a discussion among those gathered. You are also invited to continue the conversation during the fellowship time after the service!

March 2007:

  • March 4: Pick One, Pick 'em All, Rev. Craig Moro
    A little girl's drawings lead us into some of the deep insights of Universalism, one of the two religious movements that led us to where we are today. Come meet the Blob Family! (This is the second in a series of three sermons on our Universalist heritage.)
  • March 11: Home Is Where the Heart Is, Guest Speakers
    Most of us take having a roof over our heads and a place we can call our own for granted, even though there are times we remember to be grateful for this valuable aspect of our lives. Today we will learn just how precious "our home" can be and what loving touches we can help to put on one for someone else in our surrounding community. Our guest speaker, Wayne Underwood, is the Chair of Church Relations for the non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity here in the Tri-Cities. We will also welcome guests who will share their experience working with others to realize their dream of being in a home of their own. Many of our members and friends will be joining others on Saturday, March 24, in service for Habitat for Humanity in making another family's dream come true. You will be given an opportunity to join them.
  • March 18: Poor Baby, Rev. Craig Moro
    If you were hiding in a closet last month, you may have missed the story of the astronaut who drove from Texas to Florida in a diaper. Late night comedians have had a field day with her, but does her story hold more for us than a few cheap laughs? Viewing the situation through the eyes of the classic Universalists, what else can we see?
  • March 25: A Sense of Belonging, Member-Led Service
    What makes us want to belong to a relationship, to a family, to a church community, to something more or greater than ourselves? Why do we need each other? If we do need each other, then what does it take to stay together? Last but not least, how does this all relate to being a Unitarian Universalist? Let us take some time to explore these very important questions along with the many possible answers.

February 2007:

  • February 4: Superman, Batman, Green Latern, and the Rest of Us, Rev. Craig Moro
    Mom was right -- I spent too much time reading comic books when I was a kid. But that time was hardly "wasted"! Superheroes, frail humanity, and our membership in a larger community will be the topics I explore on this Sunday when we welcome several new members to CUUC.
  • February 11: Dark Night of the Soul, Guest Speaker, Rev. James Dyson
    We all have them -- those "Dark Nights of the Soul" when we struggle to know how to get back to a positive, constructive path. What are some appropriate approaches to possible outcomes? How do we get back in touch with our inner selves, and with the Divine? Join Reverend James Dyson in a journey from darkness to light!
  • February 18: Jonathan Murray and the Buoyant Spirit, Rev. Craig Moro
    Jonathan Murray is considered to be the "Father" of Universalism in America. He overcame discouragement and even dispair as he discovered the joyful path that he would later share with all of us. Murray was also one of the first to introduce the concept of simple "child dedications" in place of the heavily-loaded "sacrament" of baptism. In Murray's honor, and in the honor of a certain tiny little sprite, we will celebrate such a dedication today!
  • February 25: EleMentally, My Dear Watson, Member-Led Service
    What would Sherlock Holmes think of the prevalence of Occult and New Age concepts? Would he consider Alchemy, Astrology, and other Metaphysical philosophies to have any logical basis in reality? Let's find our together!

January 2007:

  • January 7: Backtracking, Rev. Craig Moro
    When people come to your door distributing religious tracts, did you ever wish you had a tract of your own to hand back to them? I wrote one a long time ago, and got it out recently to see if it still had anything to say. I'll share some of the more (and less) worthwhile parts with you this morning. Maybe we'll all write a new one together in our UU Principles Class!
  • January 14: Beyond Lightbulbs: A Greener Faith for a Brighter Future, Guest Speaker, Rev. Katherine Jesch
    When the litany of Earth's destruction is all around us, it's easy to sink into despair. But Earth's resilience is also all around us too, offering hope for the future. How can our Unitarian Universalist faith help us create a sustainable future for all of life on Earth? This sermon considers the possibilities.
  • January 21: The Tyranny of the Single Thing, Rev. Craig Moro
    A Caddo Indian myth is our starting point for this meditation on tyranny, obsession, and the human power to dream of a new community.
  • January 28: To be announced, Member-Led Service