January 28 ~ "Story Time: Behind the Visual Art at CUUC"

Speaker: Jenny Rieke

As a visual artist, my 18 year spiritual journey with this congrega-tion has manifested a variety of forms, most on display around our faith house. If you’re interested in the "backstory" -what powered the making of a piece of art, this is your opportunity to be firehosed. If you prefer the mystery of art as you directly ex-perience it, uncluttered by an artist’s process, wear your earbuds and make up your own stories as I give a tour of my 2 & 3-dimensional art, from our banner to the trombone chalice.

Worship Associate: Virginia Tomlinson
Musician: Ellen Fillion

January 21 ~ "History as Prologue"

Speaker: The Reverend Doak M. Mansfield, D.Min.
Does the past offer wisdom for the present and the future?
Personally and globally?

Worship Associate: Alex Emig
Musician: Ellen Fillion and the CUUC Choir

January 14 ~ "This I Believe"

Speaker: CUUC Members

Today, a few church members will share how they respond to an opportunity to say "This I Believe …"

Worship Associate: Mike Truex
Musician: Mike and Shannon

January 7 ~ "Spiritual but not Religious"

Speaker: The Reverend Doak M. Mansfield, D.Min

Some considerations of the popular catch phrase and its implications.

Worship Associate: Alex Emig
Musician: Mike and Shannon