Alternative Gift Fair

  • Stacking the AGF bake sale table
  • Quality Control
  • Gather 'round the craft table
  • Cookies are ready for the bake sale
  • Well attanded AGF
  • UUSC at the AGF
  • CUUC street sign ready for the AGF
  • Relaxing at the AGF
  • Children's Developmental Center
  • Diversity Pride Center
  • Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Safe Harbor
  • Well attended AGF

Each year the Community Unitarian Universalist Church sponsors an Alternative Gift Fair on the first Saturday in December. At the Alternative Gift Fair, you can donate to participating local, national, and international non-profit organizations. You may then choose hand-lettered holiday cards featuring local artists describing the gifts you have made in the names of your friends and family. These can be presented as "alternative gifts" on Christmas.

In the 10 years ending Dec, 2016, The Alternative Gift Fair raised over $165,00 for local & national charities. For more information, see our Alternative Gift Fair website.